True Strokes-Gained
LAST UPDATE: Jul 26, 2021
True strokes-gained is raw strokes-gained — the number of strokes you beat the field by in a round — adjusted for the strength of that field. That is, if the average golfer in field A is 1 stroke better than in field B, then beating field A by 1 stroke and field B by 2 strokes would yield equal true strokes-gained values. As with regular strokes-gained, true strokes-gained requires a benchmark; for this we use the average player in a PGA Tour field. Therefore, you interpret a true strokes-gained value of +1 as a performance that is 1 stroke better than what we would expect from the average PGA Tour field. To the right of the plot, we've provided benchmarks that indicate the typical average true SG value in a season for golfers of various rankings; we've also provided the average true strokes-gained value for a few professional tours.