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— Dec 28, 2021
New Page: Custom Model for Non-PGA Tours — link
A stripped-down version of the PGA Tour's My Model page is now available for any OWGR-sanctioned tournament. Users can manually adjust predicted skill levels (from our provided defaults) for every player in the field, set the tournament parameters (number of rounds, cut rules), and add placeholder golfers if our field is incomplete. This page will allow power users to find their own edges in more obscure tournaments that we can't devote much time to.
— Dec 20, 2021
New Feature: Each-way EV on Outright Betting Tool — link
Expected value on each-way bets is now available for the books that offer them. Given that each-way terms typically differ across bookmakers, and that in general it is hard to set terms that work well for the entire field, this should highlight some unique plus-EV betting opportunities!
— Dec 9, 2021
New Feature: Price Histories on Outright Betting Tool — link
Price histories for each player across all books can now be viewed by clicking the button to the right of each row. We highlight every historical price change: orange means the price has shortened (decreased) while blue means it has drifted (increased).
— Dec 5, 2021
New Page: Course Table — link
This page leverages shot-level data to provide a comprehensive statistical breakdown of every Shotlink-equipped course on the PGA Tour since 2015. Users have the option to include up to 31 stats in the course table; these range from the basic, like course scoring average, to the more complex, like how difficult putts inside 5 feet are relative to the average course. Easy sorting and filtering functionality cap off the page, giving power users the ability to directly compare courses across many dimensions in a single webpage.
— Dec 1, 2021
Page Update: Blog Home — link
Those of you familiar with our (now deceased) blog home page know that it is was unquestionably one of the worst webpages on the internet (competing with the PGA Championship leaderboard). While part of me is sad to see the page go, the new version's simple layout and functionality should make finding specific blog posts much easier. We have added "tags" to each post; by clicking a tag listed in the sidebar you can quickly filter to related posts.
— Nov 15, 2021
New Feature: Historical Skill Profiles — link
Since adding DG skill radar plots to the player stat pages, we've added the option to view past versions of each player. For example, shown below is Keegan Bradley's 2013 skill profile (orange) overlayed with his current skill profile (green).
Needless to say the anchor ban has claimed at least one victim.
— Nov 1, 2021
New Page: Data Golf Skill Ratings — link
Ever wonder who our model thinks is the best putter on tour? Longest driver? Worst approach player? This page provides a full list of the best (and worst) golfers in the world at 6 different components of skill. Each rating value can be interpreted as a prediction of that golfer's next performance on an average PGA Tour course.
API feeds and table downloads are available for Scratch users.